Speaker 1: What just happens,

Speaker 2: Jumper.

Speaker 3: We’re about to get an early preview of guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind a new rollercoaster at Disney world. Let’s go for a ride.

Speaker 3: Here’s what we’re doing today. I’m at FCU at Walt Disney world in Florida. And Disney has given us an early look at the roller coaster before it officially opens on May 27th. Now, if [00:00:30] you show up on opening day, you can’t just come here and stand in line. You’re gonna need a virtual cue or you’re gonna have to pay for a lightning link pass to have an appointment to come back and skip the line. This is a big deal for Disney. It is the first rollercoaster at the FCO theme park. It’s also the first Marvel attraction at Disney world. It has a lot of tech inside. It is a massive indoor rollercoaster, but enough talk. Let’s go check it out. All right, we’re gonna go through the ride Q now and learn about the wonders of [00:01:00] Xandr. This is the newest pavilion at Epcot and off world pavilion. It all starts with a planetarium, a big projection to the ceiling. Lots of things to look at when you’re in a long line, there’s a lot of crisp PRTs oh boy, That cassette tape. I understood that reference. It’s a big projector. [00:01:30] It’s a very detailed ship. It even says the name on it. Milano.

Speaker 3: We’re about to enter the pre

Speaker 2: Show. So

Speaker 3: If you keep watching past this point, be aware, spoiler alert.

Speaker 2: You have the morning for you to travel to would take two and a half million leave. Assuming you have a ship that could fly at the speed of light. So we decided to come to New York, but even we could not [00:02:00] have reached you so easily where not for the cosmic generator, an advanced piece of Andar technology. It creates jump points, artificial tunnels, that act as shortcuts, linking distant points and space. It is our desire to share this wonders technology with your people so that together, we might explore new worlds and create a brighter tomorrow. And now as the culmination [00:02:30] of the wonders of Xander, you will be teleported to a no ship above your friend or a demonstration of the cosmic generator. I trust in find and unable.

Speaker 3: I’m gonna be teleported.

Speaker 4: Welcome people of kin.

Speaker 1: What

Speaker 4: At powers, Atkins, citizens of kin. Does anyone [00:03:00] know what they call themselves?

Speaker 5: What

Speaker 4: I’m on?

Speaker 5: Someone

Speaker 4: Needs to tell me when I’m on Welcome FCO Terence. I am Centurian tower Merick and we’re just about ready to teleport you up to the ship for the demonstration. As you’re about to enter a secure Nova area, I must ask you to put away your tearing communication devices at this time, recording of any type is strictly [00:03:30] prohibited. I am very serious about this. Now, please step forward into the chamber. You’re gonna love this.

Speaker 5: Here we go. Oh, I’ve been a little nervous. What is this?

Speaker 4: Before we begin? I should warn you that we have never teleported Terrance before, but [00:04:00] since molecular structure is very similar to sands, ancient work

Speaker 5: It’ll work

Speaker 4: So long as you are standing inside the lighted brand. You do not want to know what happened last time. Someone did not stand where I told them to. Okay. [00:04:30] You made it. I mean, of course

Speaker 5: You, oh, just gone.

Speaker 4: No, they’re ready.

Speaker 2: What you see before Is the cosmic generator And in just a few moments

Speaker 5: Will be activat it. So you can experience

Speaker 2: For yourself what’s happening.

Speaker 4: I’m not sure [00:05:00] our powers out and the cosmic generator gone

Speaker 2: Go code red, hand the fleet and call the gardens.

Speaker 5: Now

Speaker 4: There is no cause for a alarm turn off that alarm. I’ve got an important transmission coming in. Hey, what’s up known before our cosmic generator been stole. What,

Speaker 2: How,

Speaker 4: What didn’t we think of that? That thing’s gotta be worth a fortune. Oh,

Speaker 5: Rude. Good question. Who

Speaker 4: Do you think took [00:05:30] it,

Speaker 5: Perhaps that really big man outside your shit.

Speaker 4: Oh, that is a big bang. I need to

Speaker 5: No’s

Speaker 4: A

Speaker 5: He’s generator. He’s a new good. You jump point. It’s going back on time. [00:06:00] Why

Speaker 6: Air?

Speaker 5: Well, that doesn’t sound good. Your we, so the point is closing. Hey, no, you know, according to, you’re no recording to follow back that, whatever it’s until we get there,

Speaker 4: We can, our power is down and I’ve gotta get these Terra onto to evacuation shows.

Speaker 6: I got it. Have you put me in the shelves to fall through the jump point?

Speaker 5: What?

Speaker 6: Look, there are only chance to keep [00:06:30] a track of that whack job until we get the cosmic generator back. He cake piece of cake.

Speaker 5: What they cake where’s this cake,

Speaker 4: The odd are impossible.

Speaker 5: Yep.

Speaker 4: But it’s our only shot. Good luck.

Speaker 5: Are you sure that you control it? Come on. It’s me got this world toast. First. It was cake out or is toast. This plant’s making you so hungry.

Speaker 4: Terrance, listen up. You need to make your way to the evacuation shows. Now,

Speaker 5: [00:07:00] Where do the go? We get why This

Speaker 4: Planet garden doesn’t stand

Speaker 5: A, what?

Speaker 4: You still on?

Speaker 5: I just right over now.

Speaker 3: Big deact,

Speaker 5: Uh, space. God,

Speaker 3: Uh, wants to, um, uh, reverse time and correct something. We’re gonna stop it.

Speaker 5: I got it.

Speaker 3: Yeah. You don’t need to know all those movies. You, you can get it, right? Yeah. Totally makes sense.

Speaker 5: [00:07:30] This is the lighting.

Speaker 3: Of course, of course something goes wrong and they need us, you know, earthling from Epcot to fix everything. That’s how it always goes. Right? Uhoh All right. Here’s what we know. This is gonna be a backwards launching coaster. It is something where each car can rotate 360 degrees at different times, and they’re gonna play several different songs. You don’t know which song you’re gonna get because of course, star, Lord, and his awesome mix. He loves the classics. [00:08:00] So it’s rock on and you know, save the galaxy, right?

Speaker 5: I’m

Speaker 3: A little nervous. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a new coaster,

Speaker 5: What?

Speaker 3: I’m not really a big poster

Speaker 5: Person.

Speaker 3: Oh, this feels so scary too. They really, they really have the alerts going off and uh, the whole three show has all of that Marvel humor you love. Um, yeah. Very, self-referential lots of talk about FCO. That’s [00:08:30] what guardians is good at though. If they had to break the wall, this is the one they

Speaker 5: Do it on.

Speaker 3: I’m totally cool. I’m not nervous at all. I I’m. It’s

Speaker 5: Cool. We’re cool. Down on the, and push up. When instructed you remain with your locked and loaded

Speaker 7: Disney provided us with a ride camera to capture our reactions. Following [00:09:00] as Disney’s edited footage, Bridget’s screams of fear have not been included. Use your imagination.

Speaker 5: [00:09:30] Oh wow. I’m shaking. Wow. Watch just, I discombobulate. I need a moment.

Speaker 8: I never experienced

Speaker 5: Anything like that.

Speaker 3: You can’t see

Speaker 8: Anything in front of you is so dark. Oh my gosh. I’m just blown away and there’s screens everywhere [00:10:00] and there’s so much happening,

Speaker 5: Dude, dude.

Speaker 3: All right. I’m back outside. Now that I’ve had a moment to decompress. I had to sit down a bit and collect my thought. Um, here’s, what’s going on. This ride is really about a lot of tech and

Speaker 5: Screens.

Speaker 3: Um, and each individual car on your roller coaster is moving at different points in time. Uh there’s some times where you can see the track ahead [00:10:30] of you. And sometimes you can’t lots of darkness, lots of space, a lot of cool effects and jokes. And you’re probably screaming too loud to hear most of the jokes. Speaking of jokes, this is for Marvel fans and casual Marvel fans too, because you don’t have to know a lot about the Nova core, but you get a lot of the humor that you expect from the whole guardians gang also. Um, I don’t really know how we defeated the bad guy. I never saw Eternals. I guess you don’t need to see Eternals to really understand it. You’re just going along, [00:11:00] going, okay, he’s

Speaker 5: Defeated.

Speaker 3: Fine. Get me off this thing. You really do feel the GS at certain points. There’s no inversions like other thrill rides. The thrill here is how they’re turning you and pointing you in different directions to face certain big planets, Harry things, moons and stars and suns, and you whip it back and forth through time. I really felt the GS when I was spinning around a certain loon like planet, um, that said it is very intense, uh, like [00:11:30] space, mountain and rock and rollercoaster had a baby. And it was crazy baby. That also had a lot of weird Marvel jokes. If you’re wondering, well, how much of this is gonna feel like a Marvel thing rather than just like, oh, I’m in a rollercoaster in space. You know, this has a definite Marvel feel. You have rocket just bantering in your ear the whole time, which by the way, doesn’t exactly sound like Bradley Cooper, but you probably won’t even notice cuz you’re too busy.

Speaker 3: Once again, screaming, cuz you don’t know which direction you’re facing before this rise of the resistance that Galaxy’s edge was my favorite ride. It’s very high tech. It has [00:12:00] four different ride components. But now I think I have a new favorite because this is unlike anything Disney really leaned into tech to give you a whole new experience. And I appreciate that. Be sure the like and subscribe, thank you for watching. I hope you enjoy this little tour of X Zandar and as we, you know, rocketed through the galaxy, uh, until then, um, I am just gonna have to rewind my brain back to where it was before.


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