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I’m actually quite emotional.

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So when I heard the bad news, I had to do something.

You will see, Bloomberg there was reported that Apple will not increase production of iPhone 14 — yes, all iPhone 14 models — because demand wasn’t exactly what the company had hoped for.

So I immediately took it to an Apple store to see what was going on. Will there be screams of anguish and tearing of blue t-shirts? Would there be gnashing of teeth and smacking of faces?

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Sometimes I go to Apple stores soon after they open, hoping that there will be less people and more attention from the salespeople.

Then I was there at 10:02am on a weekday expecting to find a huge open space.

Instead, there were at least 30 customers inside.

what was going on Why were these people here? What was wrong with them? Weren’t they asleep? Hadn’t they heard?

what do we have We have bad news

I walked in and slid over to one of the two tables for the iPhone 14. I took it iPhone 14 Prowhich according to the best experts is a significant improvement over any predecessor.

I got one Space Black. With its less shiny back, it felt a bit easier to hold than my iPhone 12. Especially since I’d rather eat maggot pie than buy an iPhone case.

Strangely, no salesperson at the Apple store came to talk me into the latest little machine. Instead, an elderly couple was being helped at the same table. They didn’t need to be sold.

“I want an iPhone 14,” the woman said without being prompted. “And he will get the same.”

“What color would you like?” asked the Apple saleswoman.

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“Who cares?” – replied the customer. She then turned to her husband and said, “You always lose yours, so the color doesn’t really matter, does it?”

I giggled at that.

To my giggles, the woman pointed at me and said, “And he’s paying for it.”

I giggled again, apologized for my intrusion, and couldn’t help but comment on the state of her current case. She giggled.

But still no Apple salesman came. So I tried to see what Dynamic Island looks like. (Like a cute stretchy cut.)

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Then another customer came to the table, accompanied by an Apple salesperson.

He could only offer her bad news: “Yes, we don’t have any at the moment. We were hoping for a shipment in the next few hours, but we never really know if or when it will actually arrive.”

She wanted a 512GB model in Space Black. The salesperson replied that it appeared that two other stores had them. Each was about 20 miles apart.

But what if you go all that way and they’ve sold out and don’t know when their next shipment will be?

I saw no lack of demand for these phones — or for anything other than the Apple Watch. This table was completely empty. The rest, a little buzz.

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I needed air

So, confused by my neglect, I moved over the table to the MacBook Air. I folded, moaned and gnawed whether to take it Midnight M2 MacBook Air.

I played with it for a while. I even went to the Amazon site and saw that it was $100 cheaper than the Apple store.

Still no salesperson thought I was worth talking to. Two stood a few feet apart, talking to each other.

If they had the 1TB midnight M2 Air in stock I would buy it in a heartbeat. But given the bad news I’d heard elsewhere about the possible-maybe delivery, I suspected they wouldn’t.

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So what could I do but go back to the table with the iPhone? This time, a different customer was told that the deep purple iPhone 14 Pro she had selected was out of stock. But a store, yes, 20 miles away there were.

“Or, if you order from our website, you can get it by, let’s see, October 4,” the seller said.

Tell me something nice

This was Northern California. I wouldn’t for a moment assume it’s representative of the rest of America — or even any other part of California. Or, frankly, anywhere except maybe certain parts of Austin, Texas.

But it looked like the Apple store had turned into a Bad News Bears emporium.

If you don’t care about color—or really, if you don’t care about the iPhone variant you want—this store might have something for you.

Also: Which iPhone is right for you and how do the different models compare?

If you wanted to be sold, however, I’m afraid this is not the day. And I’m afraid this has happened for quite a few days to quite a few people lately.

Does this mean a lack of demand? Or could it suggest a lack of perfect demand planning on Apple’s part?

Yes, the iPhone 14 doesn’t look radically different from my iPhone 12, although the camera bumps seem much bigger. But I was willing to be sold, willing to at least listen to modernized, uplifting reasoning.

Instead, I spent 24 minutes in the store and not a single salesperson approached.

I may be emotional, but I wasn’t hurt.

Well, maybe a little. It’s not like I’m demanding, is it?

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