IBM will release the first major update to its i operating system for Power CPU-based servers in three years. The improvements are largely hardware-oriented, supporting both the older Power9 and the newer Power10, which has been available since last September.

IBM’s i 7.5, not to be confused with Apple’s iOS or Cisco’s iOS, will be the first upgrade since version 7.4 came out in April 2019. Power Systems, formerly known as the mid-range AS / 400 system, is also have the option to run IBM’s own UNIX version called AIX, as well as Red Hat Linux.

Running energy systems are quite database systems. The i-running version of Db2 is a completely separate code base from the other Db2 for other hardware and software platforms, as IBM Db2 for IBM i is integrated with the operating system’s object storage layer. This is unique to IBM Db2 for IBM i.

So of course many of the improvements are for Db2 for i. This includes significant Boolean types and features, JSON Boolean and XML Boolean support, a maximum index size of 16TB, performance improvements such as improved CPU pricing and improved SMP processing, and a host of new services.

i OS 7.5 will also include a new password encryption scheme and improved security policies, such as maximum login attempts and password expiration intervals, as well as a more secure FTP client.

In terms of hardware, the new OS improves scalability to a maximum of 48 CPUs per SMT8 mode, but IBM says it can scale up to 240 CPUs per partition with Lab Services.

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