IBM today launched its annual “I think so‚ÄĚConference. The event kicks off with a two-day start in Boston, after which Big Blue takes the show on a trip all summer for a tour of 11 cities around the world.

In a virtual press conference attended by Neural, CEO Arvind Krishna discussed a number of the company’s plans for 2022 and beyond.

The main topics of conversation include artificial intelligence, sustainability and the most ambitious plan for progress in quantum computing hardware we have seen so far.

Some of the more interesting Krishna extracts include:

  • “Watson is alive and well.”
  • IBM intends to reach net zero “Until 2030. Not 2040. Not 2050, but until 2030.
  • Most scientists believe that artificial general intelligence will not arrive before the “2050 to 2075 time frame.”

But the biggest thing we learned here at Neural is that IBM is determined to move all-in to quantum computing.

We knew he had big plans; the latest roadmap for quantum calculations from Big Blue before this year’s Think conference demonstrates this.