Reader Question:

I found this woman on a TV series a few months ago. She mentioned that she had just started a relationship and wasn’t prepared for one, which was fine at the time.

Two months later… we usually have sex. We are becoming a couple. Every little thing seems to go perfectly.


I brought up the subject and she told me that the woman might not be ready for a serious relationship. We got into a bit of an argument about why she might not actually be ready for a relationship.

I don’t want to waste my personal time and get hurt for this, but I really like the lady and I’m not sure I’ve actually ever preferred a woman that close.

If you like someone enough, you might make a threat. am I right

-Matt (California)

Gina Stewart’s answer:

Let’s think about it, this situation sucks, because even if you decide to leave, the cardiovascular system still breaks down.

Based on reality, let’s just try to take this from the woman’s point of view, because if anything is going to get you anywhere here, it’s empathy.

It is often difficult for a person to move from one serious relationship to another very quickly, even though he likes the last person very much.

It might sound like she’s actually here. She likes you enough to commit all the time, but without labeling or validation from him.

Ask the lady what it takes on her behalf to understand that she desires to be in an important union, how you can help this lady get there, and how she wants you all to stay in the meantime. Then see if you can’t find some traditional flooring.

If she feels like you’re in her zone and the woman’s partner right before you’re officially “partners”, she might not feel as likely to counter what you feel and you might end up with a gf.

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If You Like Somebody, You Need To Get a Risk. Was We Correct?

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