Power Integrations announces SCALETM EV family of port management boards for Infineon EconoDUALTM modules. Suitable for original, cloned and new SiC variants, the driver focuses on high-power automotive and traction inverters for EVs, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, including buses and trucks, as well as construction, mining and agricultural machinery.

SCALE EV board-level gate drivers include two reinforced door drive channels, connected power supplies and monitoring telemetry. The new boards are qualified for cars and are ASIL B certified, which allows the implementation of ASIL C traction inverters. The first member of the SCALE EV family to be launched is the 2SP0215F2Q0C, designed for the EconoDUAL 900 A 1200-volt IGBT half-bridge module.

Peter Vaughn, director of automotive business development at Power Integrations, said: “The design of the gate driver is crucial for both the performance and the reliability of electric vehicles. By offering a product where development, testing and qualification plus ASIL certification have already taken place, we drastically reduce development time and costs. ”

The high level of integration provided by the innovative new driver ICs allows the entire driver board, including the port power supply, to fit on the power supply circuit contour, while providing the distance required for reinforced insulation according to IEC 60664. ASIC package provides 11.4 mm creep and clearance specially designed to meet the requirements of 800 volts in the vehicle system. The input and output lines to the system microcontroller are connected via two independent on-board connectors to meet the functional safety requirements. A 5 V power supply per channel is required, and other isolated voltages are generated on the board itself.

The SCALE EV family of driver drivers is rated at 1200 V for 400-volt and 800-volt systems and supports both silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET and silicon IGBT. The design is 5500 meters above sea level and is available as an option with a conformal coating for technical cleanliness requirements. The design includes a wide range of protection provisions, including active short circuit, active discharge of the connected DC-link capacitor, surge limitation through active gate control, diagnostic function such as gate monitoring, signal transmission monitoring and chip temperature monitoring and short-circuit and overcurrent response of less than one microsecond for SiC MOSFET and less than three microseconds for IGBT.

Reprinted with permission.


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