The Indian Institute of Technology in Patna has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bangalore-based IoT cybersecurity startup Redinent for research, development and innovation in IoT and cybersecurity products.

According to the company, this memorandum of understanding aims to promote and implement translational research and deep technological innovation in interdisciplinary cyber-physical systems with a central theme for speech, text and video analysis of IIT Patna and the establishment of the Center for Technological Innovation (TIH). ) to become a hub for attracting various technology start-ups and larger companies from different locations to come to TIH IIT Patna and collaborate on research and development of industry-related products.

The singing function of the memorandum was decorated by the Director of IIT Patna Prof. TN Singh, Director of TIH, Prof. Jawar Singh, Associate Dean of IIT Patna, Prof. Somanath Tripathy, Divyanshu Verma – Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Redinent, Arko Dhar – Technical Director and Co-Founder, Redinent, Commander K Arun – COO & CoFounder, Redinent and other faculty and staff of the Institute and Redinent.

Redinent’s CEO highlighted how TIH and IIT Patna have the right talent and ecosystem that could be a great opportunity to turn it into a technology incubation center with huge potential in IoT, cybersecurity, Blockchain and AI & ML.

Prof. TN Singh, Director of IIT Patna, and Prof. Jawar Singh, TIH Director, stressed the importance and need for cybersecurity in smart cities and other business verticals, where India is witnessing the rapid adoption of IoT devices and smart devices.

They also stressed the need for joint research and development of academic products with industry with niche start-ups such as Redinent, so that academia can benefit from knowledge sharing and industry collaboration.

IIT-P Signs Pact With IoT Startup Redinent To Collaborate on R&D And Innovation

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