Designed and developed in the industrial market for more than a decade, AMT continues to improve its PCAP sensor panels with new materials and technological improvements to ensure ease of use, improved performance and increased reliability. A wide range of new high-performance AMT solutions for designed capacitive touch screens with a wide range of standard sizes and ratios between 3.5 inches and 23.8 inches has been introduced.

Outdoor and in-vehicle touch applications must be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Therefore, AMT has significantly improved the temperature and weather resistance of AMT PCAP touch panel products. The standard operating temperature range has already been extended to -40˚C to + 85˚C, while the storage temperature is now -50˚C to + 90˚C.

Justin Coleman, Display Manager, RDS, said: “AMT continues to develop and improve the performance and reliability of its PCAP touch product line. As a result, we are confident that AMT PCap sensor panels provide the ideal sensor solution for applications requiring high quality, improved specifications and reliable performance in the industrial, medical, automotive and outdoor industries.

AMT has also simplified the process of connecting and interacting with the touch screen by including a fully integrated touch controller on a chip-to-flex (COF) connection cable. The PenMount K1 series is AMT’s own PCAP sensor controller and is available in the new product range.

The PenMount K1 PCAP Series Touch Controller is suitable for use in a variety of environments and provides support for high sampling rates that allow multiple touchpoints and gestures. The K1 series controller also features improved noise immunity and the ability to handle interference signals and operational errors. These features allow the touch screen to continue to work properly even though the surface of the touch screen is in contact with water, liquids, and other liquids.

Demand for reliable and robust sensor solutions continues to grow in a variety of industries and applications such as public transport tickets, point of sale systems, information kiosks, industrial machinery and vehicle equipment. Review Display Systems has experience in designing and integrating high quality display and sensor technology with embedded computer products to create fully integrated design solutions.

The new improved range of AMT PCAP sensor panels is now available from Examine the display systems.

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