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Project management is a process that experienced business professionals use to achieve goals by effectively organizing and managing the necessary resources. The project manager needs the right training, experience and leadership skills to successfully manage this process.

Although I was already working as a project manager, I enrolled in Simplilearn’s PMI-RMP® training program to take my career to the next level and gain additional experience.

Postgraduate project management program

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I am originally from Venezuela and worked as a PMO process manager with Smartmatic in Panama City. I have 12 years of experience in project management in the telecommunications industry, building and implementing electronic voting systems around the world. However, I am not one of those people who do the same routine. I know that the world is competitive and in order to remain valuable, I need to improve my skill set. I realized that lifelong learning is the only way.

Distance learning is easy

Despite my desire to start formal project management training, going to class was neither possible nor desirable. After finding Simplilearn online and discussing it with friends and colleagues, I enrolled in the PMI-RMP® certification course.

In my experience, I was an ideal candidate for Simplilearn’s PMI-RMP certification program, which is a prerequisite for 3,000 hours of risk management experience over the past five years and 30 hours of project management training for applicants with higher education.

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(FREE) PMP training course

The structure of the curriculum and the content of Simplilearn’s courses are amazing. Through Simplilearn I learned skills to help me manage and control projects. I have learned to use methodologies to predict the consequences of taking action and preventing risks by assessing future situations.

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Certified success

According to Simplilearn, there are only 4,000 PMI-RMP® certificate holders worldwide, which is good for graduates looking for a promotion or a new position. Certificates have helped me advance in my career, and the skills I have acquired have opened up many opportunities for me.

In addition, I am a trained and purposeful professional. I am disciplined and my successful habits include staying committed to the constant study of my profession and related topics. I believe that growth happens when you are ready to take on new challenges and prepare to find a way out and overcome those challenges.

Despite my work and family commitments, I took the time to continue to upgrade my skills. I am currently taking Simplilearn’s Agile Scrum Master certification course. Improving skills is a way of life today. Living in a competitive world, it is important to improve and stay on track.

I also have a strong desire to convey my message on the way to conferences and to inspire others. I want to pass on my knowledge and experience to other professionals in this field. I would like to share a message with all project management professionals that they must have a vision for their careers and constantly work to upgrade their knowledge. They can win any project if they apply the concepts with the right approach.

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