I have a rule: If discussing something over email is going to take paragraphs and paragraphs, I pick up the phone instead.

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If you’re tired of wasting time endlessly searching or scrolling through your inbox, it’s time to up your email game. Every Gmail user should do this.

How to use Gmail filters

Think of filters as an alternative to Gmail folders. Use them to label messages, archive, delete, star, or automatically forward your mail.

If you are a victim of endless spam and other annoying messages, this is the perfect way to beat spammers to death. You’ll chase away the junk that gets through your spam filter with the right filters.

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Filters are also useful for moving everything from, say, your aunt who never stops sending articles to one specific location. Or filter messages from your HOA to quickly find what you need.

There are several ways to set up filters in Gmail. One is straight from your inbox.

Hits Show search options icon in the search bar at the top. (It looks like three lines with slashes through them.) A filter menu will immediately open, allowing you to create a filter with any of these parameters:

  • The sender and recipient (if you have multiple addresses).
  • The content of the topic.
  • Keywords in the email body.
  • The size of the email.
  • The date of dispatch or receipt.
  • Whether the email has an attachment.

Enter your search criteria. To check that your search is working correctly, see what emails are displayed by clicking Search. If everything looks good, click Create a filter at the bottom of the search window.

Only new messages will be affected when you create a filter. Another thing to remember: When someone replies to a message you’ve filtered, the reply will only be filtered if it matches the same search criteria.

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How to create a Gmail filter in a message

Another way to create a filter is from an email you’ve already received. This is how:

  • Open up Gmail.
  • Check it out bookmark next to the email you want and click | More ▼ (this is a three-point menu).
  • Click Filter messages like these.
  • Enter additional filter criteria.
  • Click Create a filter.

How to edit or delete Gmail filters

If you don’t like a filter you’ve set up, you can edit or delete it. This is how:

  • Open up Gmail.
  • Click in the top right Settings (gear icon)> See all settings.
  • Click Filters and blocked addresses.
  • Find the filter you want to change.
  • Click editing to change it or Delete to remove the filter. If you are editing the filter, click continued when you finish editing.
  • Click Update the filter or Okay.

Pro tip: Gmail filtering ideas

What’s the best way to use Google filters? In addition to what I mentioned above, here are a few to keep in mind.

  • Prioritize messages from your most important colleagues.
  • Keep your receipts, bills and payment confirmations in one place.
  • Automatically star important things to back up — order numbers, tracking numbers, and more for later use.
  • Automatically forward messages or auto-reply to specific messages with a custom, pre-written template.
  • Send less important or annoying messages in one place so you can read them at your leisure, instead of letting them sit in your inbox.

Your inbox is probably exhausting. Filters are one of the best solutions for productivity and peace of mind.

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