According to insiders in the industrythe ambitious digital engine and expanding start-up incubation in the UAE are likely to trigger a significant influx of IT talent from India in the coming months and years.

The slowness that Indian companies are experiencing in areas such as online education will increase the flow of IT talent to the Gulf country.

The three main industries in the UAE that attract a lot of technological experience are financial technology (fintech); educational technologies (edtech) and health technologies (healthtech).

“There is currently a large body of technology talent currently waiting in India to migrate to Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE;” said A Ramachandran, founder and CEO of MyRcloud, a recruitment market.

“We expect momentum [in the outflow to the UAE] to gain significantly ahead, ”added the CEO of MyRcloud, which has several clients in the UAE.

The UAE will witness a large influx of technological talent from India

The pattern of a significant influx of Indian IT talent to the UAE was also a note from senior executives; in a talent search business in Dubai and several start-up founders.

Recent measures by the UAE government, such as the issuance of gold visas and long-term visas to independent contractors, including those in the IT industry, are said to be additional reasons for attracting technological talent, especially at higher and senior levels, from India.

“Initiatives of the UAE government to offer long-term residence visas for freelancers; as well as its cost-effective and business-friendly start-up packages play a major role; in attracting both technological talents and start-up entrepreneurs from India to this country; says Zara Biotech founder Najeeb Bin Haneef, who has significant economic ties to the United Arab Emirates.

“Apart from the IT sector, we are also seeing a large-scale migration of Indian technology talent and engineers from the sectors; as an infrastructure to the UAE in the last period “, says Bin Hanif; whose business is now working to take a bold initiative in the UAE to significantly increase its socio-economic productivity system.

India’s tech talent is expected to migrate in significant numbers to the UAE

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