PCIM Europe 2022 has launched an interesting set of industry breakthroughs that include Infineon’s latest SiC MOSFET portfolio.

To increase the rated power of the inverter and reduce system costs, developers are increasingly incorporating 1500 V DC connections into their applications. Systems based on 1500 V DC, on the other hand, have significant design problems, such as fast switching at high DC voltages, which requires a multi-stage topology. As a result, a complex design with a large number of parts emerges. Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its CoolSiC portfolio to include high-voltage solutions, paving the way for the next generation of solar, electric vehicle charging and energy storage systems.

IN CoolSiC the portfolio has been expanded to include a 2 kV silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET and a 2 kV SiC diode for applications up to 1500 V DC.

Peter Friedrichs of Infineon at PCIM Europe 2022

“What we are willing to achieve now with the introduction of 2KV technology is to significantly improve the ratio of fuel purchased,” said Peter Friedrichs, vice president of Infineon SiC. “This is especially important for offering Robo installation solutions. The ability to generate great systems with very high power is a change in the game, “he added.

Friedrichs also said that in developing this new portfolio, the company has taken into account certain requirements for feed rates, especially for cosmic ray stress.

The new SiC MOSFET combines low switching losses with high blocking voltage, making it ideal for 1500 V DC systems. For drain-source resistance, the new 2 kV CoolSiC technology has a low RDS (on) value. The robust diode housing is also difficult to switch. Due to cosmic rays, the technology has ten times lower FIT speeds than the 1700 V SiC MOSFET. The devices are also easy to use due to their wide operating voltage range of the gate.

This new SiC MOSFET chip is based on Infineon’s advanced M1H SiC MOSFET technology, which was recently released. Recent improvements allow for a much larger gate voltage window, which improves matrix resistance.


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