Inmarsat starts IZVESTIa program consisting of three critical pillars to accelerate IoT growth.

According to Омдия, the number of global satellite IoT connections will continue to grow by 25% CAGR. Inmarsat intends to support and further accelerate this rapid growth.

“The satellite IoT market has been growing steadily for years – and now is the time to raise prices and begin the next phase of faster growth. Inmarsat ELEVATE will help our customers deliver on the IoT promise anywhere, while enabling the wider satellite IoT ecosystem to become a reality, ”said Mike Carter, President of Inmarsat Enterprise.

“The ELEVATE community will play an active role in tackling the truly great challenges of the planet by helping to build a more sustainable, efficient and secure global supply chain.”

The three pillars of ELEVATE are:

  • Development Program – Support for IoT solution providers, system integrators, machine builders and OEMs who want to scale.
  • Partner Ecosystem – Continue to promote a community of organizations that can share their knowledge and collaborate to accelerate growth in the satellite IoT sector.
  • Online Market – Used to promote IoT solutions that can work anywhere in the world, even in the most remote places.

Inmarsat expects ELEVATE to help its partners achieve double-digit growth over the next five years.

“Launching a program like Inmarsat ELEVATE involves using our expertise and technological strength for the good of our customers – and we are confident that it will have a huge impact on the organizations that need it most,” Carter added.

“We are excited to work with as many new partners as possible and see what we can achieve together – as an individual business and as an innovative game-changing industry.”

Inmarsat continues to develop its ELERA network. Late last year, the company launched the first of seven of its I-6 F1 satellites – the first hybrid satellites in the L- and Ka-bands. The satellite has joined and added capacity to Inmarsat’s existing 14 geostationary satellites.

“Inmarsat’s ELERA network provides a key backbone to IoT innovation, so our development partners will be able to scale and grow their operations, backed by its reliability and seamless global connectivity,” Carter said.

“Our partner ecosystem will enable the sharing of knowledge and collaboration on an unprecedented scale, between parties of all sizes, across all geographies and industries, while our online marketplace will promote IoT solutions for every and every business need.

Inmarsat ELEVATE event

Inmarsat is hosting its ELEVATE event at 6pm on May 10, 2022 at Cisco Lounge, Levi’s Stadium, 4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA.

Participants can enjoy some drinks and network while learning how ELERA can help you implement IoT. Technology pioneer Kevin Ashton – who first coined the term “Internet of Things” – will also speak about his vision for the current and future IoT market.

More details about Inmarsat ELEVATE can be found here.

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Inmarsat ELEVATE packages everything needed to accelerate IoT growth

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