One of the best, most innovative horror games of 2021 looks to be coming to consoles after launching exclusively on PC. According to a new rating from the Australian Classification Board, the mind-blowing Inscryption is making its way to PS4. Although only PS4 is listed, it seems unlikely that the game will come to a single last-gen console – multiple console ports are likely coming. At least you’ll be able to play it on PS5 as well.

Of course, take this all with a grain of salt until something is officially announced, but this type of leaderboard leak almost always turns out to be the real deal. Previous games from Canadian Inscryption developer Daniel Mullins (Pony Island, The Hex) were PC-only, but Inscryption is published by Devolver Digital, not Mullins himself. A publisher like Devolver certainly has deep enough pockets to pay for some console ports.

For those who missed Inscryption, it’s part roguelike, part deck-building card game, part escape room puzzle adventure, all garnished with a very creepy flavor. So yeah, like Mullins’ past games, it’s definitely not limited to any one box. After all, Wccftech named it as one of the best horror games of 2021.

The latest from Daniel Mullins, creator of Pony Island and The Hex, Inscryption is another mind-blowing assault on player expectations. The game starts out as a fairly simple roguelike card game against a mysterious opponent, but you’ll find that you can actually get up and explore the creepy cabin you’re playing in, and soon enough the game’s perspective, genre, and narrative begin to shift in unexpected and unnerving ways . Inscryption’s horror is very much of the psychological variety, but don’t worry, its eerie atmosphere and unpredictable narrative absolutely succeed in making the hand of cards truly chilling.

Encryption is currently available on PC. What do you think? Would you be more inclined to try out the game on console?

Inscryption is Seemingly Bringing its Mind-Bending Chills to Consoles

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