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The global semiconductor supplier ROHM, together with Delta Electronics, a world-class power supply manufacturer, have entered into a strategic partnership to develop and mass-produce next-generation GaN (gallium nitride) power supplies.

Schottky Rectifier Diodes

DIODES ™ SDM5U45EP3 (5A, 45V), DIODES ™ SDM4A40EP3 (4A, 40V) and DIODES ™ SDT4U40EP3 (4A, 40V) achieve the highest current density in the industry in their class, meeting the requirements of the market for smaller and more -powerful electronic systems.

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PEN eBook May 2022

Silicon carbide and gallium nitride technologies have grown significantly over the last few years, becoming commercially available energy-saving technologies. While silicon is still competitive at lower voltages up to 650 V, SiC and GaN offer efficient high frequency and high current at higher voltages.

Wireless charging of electric vehicles.

According to Allied market research, the value of the global electric vehicle market will increase from 162.34 billion dollars in 2019 to 802.81 billion dollars. These are many cars that will need charging (EV charging), which is why a growing number of companies are actively seeking to simplify the process by providing wireless charging (wireless charging) solutions.

5G small cell.

The fifth generation (5G) mobile network is becoming more widespread in order to provide consumers with hitherto unattainable services and data transfer speeds. In order to provide an adequate response to the exponential growth of data traffic in the cellular network, operators use an infrastructure in which both macro and small cells are present.

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