We already know from various unofficial sources that Intel’s upcoming 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” processor is mostly a “quantitative” rather than a “qualitative” update to the company’s 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake” processors. However, Intel apparently has a document officially confirming that both processors share the same microarchitecture. Meanwhile, the Redwood Cove and Crestmont cores have been confirmed to feed Meteor Lake.

of Intel Top-down microarchitectural analysis document, which is not available to the general public, mentions that the Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors use the same microarchitectures, just like the Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and Comet Lake processors, according to @InstLatX64a well-known hardware leak that analyzes documentation for software developers.

(Image credit: InstLatX64/Twitter)

Officially, Intel’s Raptor Lake processors are equipped with up to eight high-performance Raptor Cove cores, as well as 16 energy-efficient Gracemont cores. On paper, Raptor Cove is different from Golden Cove, which powers Alder Lake, but it appears that from a software perspective, both cores are the same thing. Meanwhile, the Gracemont cores had to be shared between different generations, given Intel’s low-power core development pace.


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