The companies will pay for the two factories previously announced by Intel in Chandler, Arizona, on a 51-49 percent basis, with Intel taking a 51 percent stake plus operating control.

“Our agreement with Brookfield is a first for our industry and we expect it will allow us to increase flexibility while maintaining capacity on our balance sheet to create a more distributed and resilient supply chain,” said Intel CFO David Zinsner

The money involved could be as high as $30 billion.

The deal means Intel can continue borrowing to finance building more capacity, which will be 25% guaranteed by the US government under the Chip Act.

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The Brookfield deal is expected to increase Intel’s free cash flow by $15 billion over the next few years, it said.

Intel said it expects to replicate the new funding model, called the Semiconductor Co-Investment Program, “with other partners for other builds globally.”

Intel finds new way to finance fabs

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