Intel said Thursday it will invest $ 700 million in its new research and development facility, which will design next-generation liquid cooling solutions and other data center-oriented technologies. In addition, the company introduced the industry’s first open source proprietary (open IP) liquid cooling solution with immersion and reference design, which allows data centers to start using immersion liquid cooling without investing in expensive custom solutions.

The first step toward democratizing liquid immersion cooling solutions began today when Intel introduced the industry’s first open IP reference design of an easy-to-implement and easily scalable full immersion liquid cooling solution. The reference design is evidence of a concept that will be completed in collaboration with Intel Taiwan and the Taiwanese ecosystem in a phased approach. Many OEM server manufacturers are located in Taiwan, so working closely with them will allow Intel to reach out to server vendors and server users.

But Intel doesn’t stop with a reference design. The company plans to create its new Oregon Research and Design Mega Lab on its Jones Farm campus, dedicated to immersion cooling, water efficiency and heat recovery and reuse. Construction of the new center will begin today and it will begin work in late 2023.

(Image credit: Intel)

The new lab will ensure that future Intel data center products include Xeon, Optane, network interfaces, switching devices, Agilex FPGAs, Xe accelerators, Habana accelerators and other products under development and ready for immersion cooling. In essence, Intel wants ILC to be as widespread as traditional air and liquid cooling systems.

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