Zoom in / Intel’s HX Series laptops are transforming the company’s desktop processors into high-end laptops with high power.


Earlier this year, Intel announced three iterations of its 12th-generation Alder Lake CPU architecture for laptops: the U-Series, which includes thin and light ultrabooks, the P-Series for thin and light workstation laptops, and the H-Series for laptops. -good workstations and gaming laptops with more space for fans of large processors and heatsinks.

Intel is now adding another series of chips: HX seriesdesigned for even faster laptops. Although they share a letter with the H-series chips, the H and HX processors have little in common. The H-Series chips are enlarged versions of Intel laptop processors with better integrated graphics processors, an integrated Thunderbolt, and a built-in chipset controller in the same package as the rest of the processor. HX chips, on the other hand, use the same matrices as Intel’s Alder Lake desktop chips, but are soldered to the laptop’s motherboard instead of being placed in the CPU socket.

processor P- and E-cores P-core watches (Boost) Basic TDP Turbo TDP
Core i5-12450HX 4P / 4E 2.4 GHz (4.4 GHz) 55W 157W
Core i5-12600HX (vPro) 4P / 8E 2.5 GHz (4.6 GHz) 55W 157W
Core i7-12650HX 6P / 8E 2.0 GHz (4.7 GHz) 55W 157W
Core i7-12800HX 8P / 8E 2.0 GHz (4.8 GHz) 55W 157W
Core i7-12850HX (vPro) 8P / 8E 2.1 GHz (4.8 GHz) 55W 157W
Core i9-12900HX 8P / 8E 2.3 GHz (5.0 GHz) 55W 157W
Core i9-12950HX (vPro) 8P / 8E 2.3 GHz (5.0 GHz) 55W 157W

These processors have higher TDPs than their H-Series counterparts, with a 55 W base TDP instead of 45 W and a 157 W Turbo TDP instead of a 95 to 115 W TDP. The increase in power means that these chips will run faster for longer than H-series processors at the expense of higher power consumption and heat output. However, our testing of these desktop chips suggests that the Core i7 and i9 processors will benefit more from the increased power limitations than the lower-core versions of the Core i5.

The reduced and repackaged desktop chip offers some advantages and disadvantages over conventional H-Series laptops. On the plus side, the Core i7 and Core i9 offer an additional pair of P-cores and eight efficient cores. 16 cores and 24 threads. While your laptop can handle the additional power requirements, they should be useful for CPU performance and imaging tasks.

These processors also support PCI Express 5.0, although it still doesn’t make much sense – current GPUs and SSDs still don’t use the new standard and won’t use it for a while. They also support memory overclocking, just like their desktop counterparts, and vPro-compatible versions also support ECC memory.

The HX series chips offer the same features (and disadvantages) as Alder Lake desktop chips, which means you get PCIe 5.0, but you don't get a built-in Thunderbolt.
Zoom in / The HX series chips offer the same features (and disadvantages) as Alder Lake desktop chips, which means you get PCIe 5.0, but you don’t get a built-in Thunderbolt.


Whether your shortcomings bother you will depend on what you do. Integrated GPUs on the chips reach their highest level of 32 actuators (EUs), up from a maximum of 96 in the H-Series processors. but the lack of integrated Thunderbolt 4 CPU connectivity is more obvious. Up to two special Thunderbolt controllers can be added, but this increases cost and complexity.

The Core i7 and i9 HX series chips might make some sense for people who need all the CPU performance they can get in a laptop, but the weird offerings of the Core i5 HX are probably best avoided. They include only four P-cores and four or eight E-cores, no more than ordinary H-series chips, and with this number of cores, many of their increased TDPs are unlikely to benefit.

Intel did not give a specific availability date for laptops with HX series processors, but said “more than 10 workstations and game designs” will come from computer companies “this year.”

Image of the list from Intel


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