The launch of Intel’s Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards may be delayed, according to a new report published by Igor Wallossek on his Igor’s laboratory technical site. Numerous sources have contacted Wallossek and all agree that these desktop GPUs will be delayed, but how late is not clearly defined, with the launch window expected to fall between early July to late August.

Intel’s official position on the release of its Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards is that they will begin launch in the second quarter of 2022. However, we are now firmly in Q2 and Q3 begins in early July. So the difficult start in early July would be a little late, but the end of August is quite a serious delay.

Yesterday we announced that Intel missed its self-imposed deadline to deliver an update to the Arc GPU driver. This may be a symptom of an impending hardware release delay. In the text of his news release, Valosek seems to indicate that some of his sources are “preferred testers”. Suppose the wider technology community has noticed a delay in Intel’s software update delivery schedule. In this case, the professional testing community will be very disappointed by such delays, which may have something to do with this report.

Early summer or late summer? (Image credit: Intel)

Igor’s Lab believes that software and driver issues are behind the advertised startup / launch delays. Wallossek believes that Intel Arc desktop hardware, firmware, final clock speeds and so on have already been finalized. Again, this information seems to come from internal testers.

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