Intel mini PCs are very popular due to their outstanding performance. The new Intel NUC 12 Extreme system codenamed “Serpent Canyon” has recently leaked. More interestingly, this system features 12th generation Alder Lake mobility processors and Arc mobility GPUs such as Arc A770M, Arc A750M and Arc A550M. From the spotted one listingwe can learn that the 12th generation NUC series of systems will use the Arc Alchemist series of dGPU graphics.

Here you can familiarize yourself with the previous generation.

Among them we can find the new NUC X15 series codenamed “Alder County”. The latter comes with a Core i7-12700H processor. Plus, customers can choose either Arc A730M or A550M graphics. This will be the first NUC series to come with an A-series GPU. As you should know, there was some delay. And it’s only now that vendors have started listing Arc-based computers. This means that we will most likely be able to get our hands on these NUCs later in Q4 2022.

Why are the new Intel NUCs sporting Intel Core processors so sought after?

We’re talking about this range of Intel Core NUCs with enthusiasm because they’ll be the first to adopt an all-Intel design, removing the need for NVIDIA and AMD discrete GPUs altogether. So the hardware all comes from Intel.

In particular, the Intel NUC 12 Extreme “Serpent Canyon” system will boast an Intel Core i7-12700H processor and an Intel Arc A770M mobile graphics card. The latter will have a memory capacity of 16 GB. At the same time, these systems will have a small form factor of 2.5 liters. The system will be available in barebone DIY and configured configurations (such as DDR5 + SSD).

If these leaks are accurate, prices for the new Intel NUC 12 Serpent Canyon PC system will range from $1,042 to $1,471. There will be only four options. However, we cannot insist that these are the final prices of the upcoming mini PCs. We’re guessing they’ll be hitting shelves in weeks.

Intel NUC 12 Extreme System With Intel Core CPUs and Intel Arc Graphics Spotted

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