~ Cure your components with high intensity LED UV light ~

To help manufacturers increase the speed, consistency and reliability of production with LED UV curing, adhesive specialist Intertronics introduced the new Dymax BlueWave® FX-1250 LED UV lamp for curing to its scope. The lamp can harden LED combined UV adhesives, coatings and inks in seconds with high uniformity, high brightness of UV light. The combination of high uniformity, high intensity and high curing area allows the FX-1250 to achieve industry-leading performance.

The FX-1250 is capable of outputting intensities between 1700 mW / cm2 and 2100 mW / cm2 (depending on the frequency) on a large curing area of ​​12.7 cm x 12.7 cm, which allows fast, efficient curing of compatible UV adhesives and materials. The system floods the components with UV, treating large areas with cool LED UV radiation, which makes it compatible with heat-sensitive substrates. It offers exceptional uniformity throughout the area, without hot spots or significant loss of intensity at the edges, to allow complete hardening of the materials and a consistent production process. These features make it suitable for critical applications in aerospace, medical and electronic assembly.

The FX-1250 is a flexible system that uses a single base controller to control a stand-alone LED UV emitter, available in 365, 385 and 405 nm wavelengths for wide compatibility with a variety of light-curable materials. The controller uses a large touch screen with an easy-to-navigate user interface. Manufacturers can group two emitters together to create larger curing arrays.

“LED UV curing systems offer many benefits in terms of energy and cost savings, as well as more constant frequency and intensity for better process control,” said Ben Swanson, sales manager at Intertronics. “The FX-1250’s large curing area, as well as the option to simultaneously support two emitters for multi-part processing, make it a great technology for quick return on investment (ROI), fast processing and increased throughput.”

Dymax LED UV curing systems generate curing energy using high intensity LEDs instead of conventional arc lamp technology. In addition, the narrow frequency band of energy emitted by LEDs results in cooler curing media and substrate temperatures compared to conventional technology, making them very suitable for curing thermally sensitive materials. LED technology allows instant on / off, controlled operation without replacement bulbs and no warm-up time, eliminating the need for mechanical covers.

The lamp can be combined with optional light shields for complete UV protection when used as a desktop system. Alternatively, it can be easily integrated into automated systems and activated, controlled and monitored remotely via a PLC connection.

LED-based UV curing lamps provide specific UV light with narrow bandwidth, which is not always optimal for adhesives designed to respond to broad-spectrum UV lamps. For best results, combine with Dymax LED light curing adhesives, coatings and temporary masking products optimized for use with LED UV curing lamps.

For more information on the features and benefits of the FX-1250, visit https://www.intertronics.co.uk/high-intensity-led-uv-curing-flood-lamp-dymax-bluewave-fx-1250/.

Intertronics introduces BlueWave® FX-1250 UV Flood Lamp

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