This guest comes from an environment where money is not in abundance, parents who have not gone to college and face many rejections on the way to college. She is now a professor in the United States and a leading researcher in the field of NLP! In episode 24 we hear the story of Tamar Solorio. She is the winner of the Denice Denton Emerging Leader ABIE Award for 2014, received recognition from the Anita Bord Institute and was co-chair of the 2019 NAACL Program Committee.

guest: Tamar Solorioprofessor of Computer Science at the University of Houston. [LinkedIn] [Twitter]. A well-known researcher in the field of natural language processing and an immigrant from Mexico.

In this episode:

  • He grew up poor in Mexico in the 1970s / 80s / 90s.
  • He works after school instead of attending college.
  • How luck made her try research.
  • He lives against the backdrop of turbulent political times in Mexico in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Difficulties in finding academic jobs in the United States with a doctorate. from Mexico.
  • Raising a family while trying to start a career as an assistant.
  • And tips for women researchers on how to negotiate salaries, how to build a network and how to avoid scammers.
  • And much more!

Only 2 more episodes until the finale of season 2! Stay on the line!

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Thamar Solorio Interview | From Mexico

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