Shellbot SL60 LiDAR Robot vacuum cleaner and mop is now available on the market and receives an incredible discount for early use, which reduces the cost of this budget smart cleaner to just $ 279.99 for a limited time. Valid until May 22 at 11:45 PM PDT, you can now get this brand new vacuum cleaner and mop without having to pay over $ 500.

With 4000Pa high suction and 3D structured avoidance of light obstacles, the Shellbot SL60 is the perfect intelligent vacuum cleaner for pet homes. Like any other high-end robot vacuum cleaner, the Shellbot SL60 also works with Alexa and Google Assistant and comes with its own app for easier control.

Shellbot SL60 has an ultra-high brushless motor with suction up to 4000Pa, which can easily suck dust from the floors. In addition, there is an automatic carpet reinforcement, which switches to full power carpets for deeper cleaning.

Reaching its object recognition and mapping systems, the SL60 uses a monocular RGB camera and 3dTOF to reconstruct the 3D environment, identify obstacles and achieve accurate obstacle avoidance. The SL60 can safely clean around shoes, pet bowls and improperly placed morning coffee cups without having to dilute before cleaning.

With its LiDAR navigation, Shellbot SL60 can navigate and map your home accurately with intelligent laser scanning, regardless of the lighting situation. Industry-standard SLAM algorithm with various sensors allows the SL60 to devise effective cleaning paths to leave your home completely flawless.

IN discounted price of $ 279.99 makes the Shellbot SL60 an amazing purchase, given that it is not only a vacuum cleaner, but also has a cleaning function. With a large water tank and multiple levels of cleaning, the SL60 can provide effective cleaning during cleaning to meet different needs in different parts of the house.

Do you live in a multi-storey house? The SL60 can also store multiple cards at once. Restricted areas and areas without cleaning are included.

Some features of the Shellbot SL60 LiDAR vacuum cleaner and mop robot

  • Suction
    • Quiet: 800 Pa
    • Standard: 1600 Pa
    • Turbo: 3000 Pa
    • Max: 4000 Pa
  • 3 levels of water flow
  • 0.106 gal Large dust tank
  • 0.07 gal Large water tank
  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Battery: 5200 mAh
  • Fall protection technology
  • Automatic return cleaning
  • Intelligent application control
  • Up to 200 minutes cleaning time, covering up to 2691 sqft
  • Advanced LIDAR laser navigation technology
  • 4000 / s Sampling frequency

IN Shellbot SL60 LiDAR Robot Vacuum and Mop is a universal intelligent cleaning device which makes cleaning super smooth. The product includes all the features offered by expensive high-end robovacs, without even costing half the usual price. Go to Amazon to take advantage of this rather irresistible deal until stocks last!

What’s in the box

Robot vacuum cleaner, two-in-one water tank, charging docking station, vacuum component, remote control, cleaning cloth, side brush, cleaning brush, power adapter

vacuum cleaner and mop robot shellbot

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Introducing Shellbot SL60, the Latest Budget LiDAR Robot Vacuum and Mop

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