Apple has unveiled iOS 16, the latest iteration of its mobile operating system. Here are the new features, along with everything else you need to know.

Every year, Apple releases a new version of iPhone software. This year is called iOS 16 and as usual there are tons of new features to be added to make your life a little easier. Here’s everything you need to know about iOS 16.

Release date

After it was first announced at WWDC 2022, Apple has now confirmed that iOS 16 will arrive on all compatible iPhones on September 12, just before the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro launches. It is currently available in public beta and developer beta.

New features

Lock screen

The “biggest lock screen update ever” sees a completely new look. By pressing and holding, you can easily customize the phone by choosing new styles, color filters and weather font. Just tap on the item you want to change and a host of customization options will appear. You can also add many useful widgets to the lock screen, such as temperature, activity rings, and calendar. If you create several different lock screens, you can switch between these options without having to start from scratch every time you want to rethink.

The Live Activity API will allow live updates from your apps, such as live sports scores or updates on the progress of your Uber ride, while Focus Mode extends to the lock screen so you’re not distracted even when your phone is locked.

Cancel Notifications for Apple iOS 16


In Apple Messages, you now have an “Unsend” option to delete a message you didn’t want to send. Additionally, you can also mark messages as unread. The SharePlay API allows users to easily share content with each other, from articles to songs to videos; and is now available in Messages as well as FaceTime.


Now when you’re dictating to an app, instead of using text for input, the keyboard will appear so you can switch input types, and punctuation and even emojis will be automatically detected from your speech. It runs entirely on-device with the neural engine for added security peace of mind.

Live text

This automatic transcription will now appear below videos, and you can pause it frame by frame and copy text to other apps for ease of multitasking.

Visual search

Introduced in 2021, this feature allows you to identify and explore objects in the camera app. Now you’ll be able to lift isolated objects from the image you’ve taken and place them in apps like Messages, like the dog in the photo above.


When asked for an ID by apps, you can now confirm this and choose an option that simply says you’re over 21 instead of revealing your actual age. Apple Pay will be enabled on an iPhone-to-iPhone basis, so merchants won’t need additional hardware to accept contactless payments from the iPhone. There’s also a new Apple Pay Later feature that will spread the cost of purchases over several weeks. Apple Pay order tracking will show the progress of your order in the app.

Apple Maps ios 16


The new map display will now be available in eleven more countries; Belgium, France, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

A multi-stop route will allow you to plan a trip with up to 15 different stops in advance. It will also be easier to see the price of public transport in advance.

Detailed 3D maps will be available for more cities than before, a list that includes San Francisco, New York, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Chicago.


Live scores will be viewable on the iPhone’s lock screen, and Apple News is introducing a My Sports feature that makes it easy to follow your team.


You can now share apps and subscriptions with multiple family members or create accounts for children and use parental controls. Using Quick Start, it will be easier than ever to do this by deploying preset controls you’ve already agreed to on the new device, be it an iPad or iPhone.

iCloud Share Photo Library

Now you can easily share photos with the whole family so that all members can access them. However, you can set restrictions to make sure you only share the photos you want, such as limiting sharing to only family members or turning the feature off completely when you take a new photo.


With a new tool called Safety Check, you can instantly end shared information with a partner, including passwords or calendars, through an emergency reset feature. This is specifically designed for victims of domestic violence.

Apple Watch Fitness


The Fitness app will be available to all iPhone users, not just those with an Apple Watch. It can estimate your steps using the phone’s sensors and it can also estimate your calorie count.

iOS 16 finally has a release date – and it’s coming very soon

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