The Apple WWDC event certainly brought great news to all technology professionals. The announcement of the Cupertino-based company for the upcoming mobile operating system iOS – iOS 16 is welcomed with great enthusiasm. Apple users can now transfer eSIM between iPhone and Bluetooth.

The feature is currently available in many countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. However, a full eSIM transfer via Bluetooth can only be performed if your operator supports this feature. Since Apple announced the latest update on June 6, it may take some time before the feature is released to all users.

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How do I use the eSIM function?

Once you receive the iOS 16 update on your Apple phone, you can go to the settings app.

Click “Set up eSIM”. Here you will see an option to transfer eSIM and the associated phone number from another iPhone via Bluetooth. It’s important to make sure the other iPhone is closer to yours, has Bluetooth turned on, and works with the iOS 16 update.

The technology giant also provides a more traditional way to set up eSIM. As part of this option, you can scan a QR code that will be provided by your carrier.

eSIM is becoming increasingly popular with consumers around the world. This is a digital SIM card that helps users activate a cellular plan from an operator without actually using a physical nano-SIM card. All Apple phones launched after the iPhone XS have a single eSIM, and the iPhone 13 series supports dual eSIM.

Earlier this week, Apple released various details about iOS 16. Once released, this update will allow users to use this new feature to transfer eSIM without any challenges.

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