By working with Orange Business Services to add the LoRaWAN network to the Coyote Secure service, having initially worked with the Sigfox network, Coyote is committed to large-scale technology convergence.

Coyote Secure allows its tracking tool to locate 91% of its customers’ stolen vehicles in less than 48 hours. To further improve the efficiency of its offer and reach almost 100%, the French company, known for its driving assistance service, chose to integrate the operator Orange’s LoRaWAN network in Coyote Secure, which works in 2018 with the Sigfox network.

“We are technology agnostic, our goal is to bring the best to our customers and for that we chose the convergence of connectivity”confirms Jérôme Arnac, marketing director at Coyote.

For Coyote, the main benefit of integrating LoRaWAN is to benefit from additional coverage, reducing the risk of dead zones. “Once the signal is detected, the location is more precise with both networks to facilitate the work of our field teams who confirm the exact position of the vehicle”, explains Jérôme Arnac. According to him, the two connections are as effective as the other in case of jamming or congestion. Autonomy is another decisive argument for Coyote: “LPWAN technologies are key to ensuring the life of our tracker is four years”explains Jérôme Arnac.

“The addition of the LoRaWAN network is included in the continuous improvement of the solution.”

Network integration mobilized a team of ten people at Coyote in six months. “The benefits of dual connectivity required some experience and work to redesign the solution, even if we wanted it to be as small as possible”, says the marketing director. An expert from Orange Business Service accompanied them, in particular to connect the service with the Orange IoT platform. “We started with a few dozen devices and then expanded to all new products,” explains Pierre-François Valton, Smart Mobility Services, IoT Sales Director at Orange Business Services.

The main discussions did not focus on the technical aspects but on the business model between the two partners to determine what remuneration to set. “For customers, it won’t change anything. We will maintain a subscription of €14.99 per month or €179 per year. The addition of the LoRaWAN network is included in the continuous improvement of the solution”, warns Jérôme Arnac, pleased to be associated with an operator like Orange to ensure the sustainability of the solution in the long term. Customers also need not worry about the plotter as it is installed by professionals.

This Coyote project is part of a large-scale deployment. The French company strengthened its expertise in vehicle recovery after theft in 2018 with the acquisition of Traqueur, a specialist in post-theft tracking devices. “Thefts Continue to Rise After Health Crisis-Related Arrests End”, notes Jérôme Arnac, recalling that in 2021, 122,700 vehicles suffered theft. The company is also moving towards a dedicated BtoB offering, particularly in the construction industry. “There is a strong demand in this sector because when machines or vehicles containing equipment are stolen, all activity comes to a halt”reveals Jérôme Arnac.

Coyote Secure combines LoRa and Sigfox to find stolen vehicles

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