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Rigol’s product portfolio of DC power supplies has now been expanded to include four device variants: DP2031, DP932A, DP932U and DP932E.


Alter Technology has announced that its UK facility will begin mass production of semiconductor integrated circuits (microchips) in low-cost plastic encapsulated QFN packaging

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The Internet of Everyday Things.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about communication. All these smart devices, smart buildings, appliances, cars, etc. communicate wirelessly all the time. But this is the internet of expensive Things, which by some estimates includes around 11 billion connected devices. Internet on Every day Things will probably be a hundred times bigger – an internet of trillions.

EV charging.

Because of their superior performance and durability, SiC (silicon carbide) chips are considered a disruptive technology in the semiconductor industry. Their popularity has increased in recent years, especially in the field of power electronics, where factors such as compactness, efficiency and reliability are of prime importance.

EV charging and wind power.

It is easier to reduce carbon dioxide with solar and wind farms than with electric vehicles, the solution is to destroy the backup battery.

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