While the rest of the mechanical keyboard world seems to be shrinking, the F97 from iQunix is here to remind us that full-size layouts can be great too. The F97 is the successor to the popular F96 keyboard and follows in its footsteps bringing tri-mode connectivity and enthusiast-grade typing. It adds new features like hot-swappable switches, more switch options to choose from, dramatically increased battery life, and improved keycap designs that are full of character. 

Coming to market at $245, the F97 is premium priced, but offers a top-tier typing experience that puts it in contention as one of the best wireless keyboards you can buy. Gamers may want to take an extra moment of pause, however, as its lack of software limits its programmability and backlighting options. But what it lacks in macros it makes up for in responsiveness. The F97 doesn’t come cheap but is a great option if you can afford to splurge. 

iQunix F97 Specs

Switches Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue, or Pink; TTC Gold Pink, Speed Silver, ACE
Lighting Per-key RGB
Onboard Storage None
Media Keys Secondary keybinds
Connectivity Detachable USB-C Cable, 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth 5.1
Battery Life Up to 260 days with backlight off
Additional Ports None
Keycaps Dye-sublimated PBT plastic
Construction Aluminum case
Software None
Dimensions (LxWxH) 14.7 x 4.9 x 1.7 inches
Weight 2.7 pounds

Design and Construction of the iQunix F97

The iQunix F97 is a compact full-size keyboard using the 96-percent layout. It is, in essence, a squeezed full-size keyboard that does away with spaces between keys and lesser used buttons. What you’re left with is a grid, complete with the function row, number pad, and arrow keys, but without dedicated keys for Insert, Pause, and Scroll Lock.  These functions–and many others others–are all accessible as secondary commands using the Fn button. The grid saves space on your desk and, depending on your taste, will either look clean or congested.

(Image credit: iQunix)


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