Last week we highlighted the Trilobot, which was based on the Raspberry Pi 4 and this device is compatible with ROS 2 operating system (Robot operating system – a set of software libraries and tools), as well as Raspberry Pi, obviously.

Create 3

Working out of the box, the base system allows you to explore navigation and mapping technology, as well as telepresence capabilities, iRobot says, through add-ons.

Using its USB-C port, you can attach and run third-party hardware (LiDAR scanners, camera modules and sensors, etc.) and use the built-in storage compartment. Supported communications are Wi-Fi, Ethernet via USB or Bluetooth and comes with its own charging station.


If it looks familiar, it’s because Create’s grandfather was the Roomba vacuum cleaner. In essence, this is the same kit, redesigned for educational purposes, using an application, SDK for Python 3 and a library of support code.

I saw that it was tagged on Twitter by Dr. William Marshall.

If you’re interested, it costs $ 299 from iRobot shop.

You can read more about iRobot website.

iRobot’s Create 3 robotics kit does the Roomba

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