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YouTube Premium isn’t making a lot of noise, but if you’re one of the millions of people who use the standard YouTube website and/or app on a daily basis, it might be worth checking out. Launched in 2014 as Music Key (and later renamed YouTube Red before being rebranded again in 2018), YouTube Premium adds a host of great features to the Google-owned video platform. A few notable additions you get with your $12 monthly subscription include YouTube Music, ad-free viewing, offline viewing, and background listening, but as a paid service, it’s only natural that you’ll want to try it out first if you’re undecided about it. Keep reading because here we have all the details about the YouTube Premium free trial.

Is there a free trial for YouTube Premium?

Google is offering a one-month free trial of YouTube Premium to new customers, so if you want to sign up but want some time with the service before you have to shell out money, you’re in luck. Video streaming platforms can be a bit sneaky when it comes to free trial offers – there’s a similar 30-day A free trial of Hulu, for example, but the free trial of Disney Plus was unfortunately shelved a while ago – so a one-month free trial of YouTube Premium is nice to see.

While you don’t have to pay cash up front, you do need to pass on your payment information (either credit card or PayPal). You will receive a reminder seven days before the trial period expires; if you do not cancel, your subscription will start at the normal price of $12 per month. If you’ve previously subscribed to YouTube Premium but haven’t used the service for more than six months, you’re eligible for the trial, but only one trial can be redeemed in a 12-month period.

Can you get YouTube Premium for free?

Sometimes retailers or third-party service providers (such as mobile carriers or ISPs) will offer free streaming subscriptions, even for just a few months, when you purchase a certain item or sign up for a certain service plan. However, there are currently no such offers available to enjoy YouTube Premium for free — the one-month YouTube Premium free trial is pretty much it, although it’s a solid offer and worth taking advantage of if you’re considering signing up but don’t you want to commit to paying immediately.

Are there any offers for YouTube Premium?

There are currently no stand-alone discounts for YouTube Premium, but you can save some money by opting for the annual plan instead of choosing to pay month-to-month. If you’ve already taken advantage of the YouTube Premium free trial and decided to sign up, this is a viable and easy way to save some money. YouTube Premium usually costs $12 per month. That makes $144 per year. However, you can sign up for the annual plan for $120 up front, which saves you $24 — sure, not a fortune, but it’s money in your pocket.

Alternatively, eligible students can sign up for YouTube Premium at a discounted rate of $7 per month. It’s only $84 per year, although there is no annual subscription option for the student plan. You will also need to check your education enrollment status each year to receive the student rate discount.

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