Software updates are becoming less and less hassle-free. Over the past few years, there have been numerous cases where a new operating system, software upgrade, or firmware update introduced strange errors.

And tech giants are also immune to these mistakes. Microsoft’s Windows 11 launch generated several bugs, and now Apple’s latest iOS update is working fine for some users. If you notice that your Wi-Fi is losing connection, this is most likely the latter problem.

Read on for details on this annoying bug and how to work around it.

Here’s the backstory

Operating system updates introduce new features, but are also critical if you want to be protected from the latest cyberattacks. For more information, you can listen to Kim’s one-minute daily tech update on why you should update your iPhone ASAP.

But the latest iOS update, which brought it to version 16.1, has some people scratching their heads. This is because even though their iPhone shows that it is connected to Wi-Fi, they have problems opening apps and connecting to the Internet.

Several users complained to Apple that their recently updated phones would disconnect and reconnect to Wi-Fi throughout the day. It doesn’t seem to have a specific trigger and happens randomly.

Most people noticed the problem after the iOS 16.1 update, but mentions date back to public beta testing before iOS 16 became available to the public. On Apple Support Forumsone user even went through the extreme process of hard reset and hard reset their iPhone.

What you can do about it

As it turns out, a relatively simple fix can prevent your iPhone from disconnecting and reconnecting to Wi-Fi.

This isn’t an official solution, but an Apple forum user suggested you try the steps below. From the comments it seems to be working.

  • Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Location Services on your iPhone.
  • Guarantees that Location Services are included.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap System services.
  • Find it Network and wireless toggle it on and off.

NOTE: Disabling this setting may mean it takes longer to get a cellular signal when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. If you choose to disable Networking & Wireless, you can follow the steps above to enable it once Apple releases a permanent fix for the Wi-Fi issue.

There is an easier solution than tweaking settings like this. If you lose your Wi-Fi connection, just open the Control Center and tap the Wi-Fi button to turn it off. Then tap it again and your device will reconnect to Wi-Fi and you’re good to go.

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