Yesterday, Microsoft officially unveiled its Xbox Everywhere initiative, which aims to get people to play Xbox Cloud Gaming on as many devices as possible. Part of that plan is to separate Xbox Cloud Gaming from the Xbox Game Pass and allow people to play their own library of games for free (with Fortnite being the first test case), but rumors have surfaced that Microsoft is preparing a streaming box and applications to facilitate access to their cloud services.

Ok VentureBeat insider Jeff Grub has already shared more details about Microsoft’s plans. The most intriguing new interesting element is that the Xbox team is working directly with Samsung to develop an Xbox streaming app for their TVs. Going with Samsung makes sense as they are the largest TV maker in the world and this would allow Microsoft to stick with Sony, which is obviously also a big player in the TV industry. Grubb also supports previous rumors that Microsoft is working on a streaming device that will likely be a washer similar to some early Roku devices. The device will allow you to stream both games and videos.

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Of course, for now, accept these details with a grain of salt, but everything seems to show that Microsoft is completely indifferent when it comes to cloud games. As I said earlier, making the Xbox a largely cloud-based platform makes sense given the continuing problem of chip and hardware shortages. Here is Microsoft’s stated mission for the Xbox Everywhere initiative …

Our mission at Xbox is to bring joy and community to gaming by putting players at the center of everything we do. We want to give everyone in the world the opportunity to play the games they want, with the people they want, on the devices they already own. We call this the Xbox Everywhere.

As we strive to make games more accessible to even more people and reach three billion players worldwide, we have invested heavily in the cloud – both for players to be able to play the way they want and for the creators. to engage new, larger audiences and create, run and manage their games using best-in-class cloud tools and services.

According to Grubb, the Xbox streaming box and the Samsung app will launch sometime in the next 12 months. What do you think? Are you ready for Microsoft’s next big cloud-powered move?

Microsoft Reportedly Working Closely With Samsung on an Xbox Smart TV Streaming App

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