It is reported that Microsoft has begun work on the introduction of online games in its Microsoft Teams service. The software maker is said to have started testing games such as Solitaire, Connect 4 and Wordament in Microsoft Teams, according to sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans.

Reported casual games are designed to allow colleagues to play against each other during meetings.

Microsoft clearly sees gaming as another way to improve the meeting experience as businesses continue to balance the need for hybrid and remote work. reported on the edge.

It is alleged that Microsoft is only testing everyday games internally from its daily games, and the company may choose not to introduce this integration for consumers and businesses.

Asked to comment, Microsoft declined to talk about testing games at Microsoft Teams, according to reports from The Verge.

In addition to testing daily games in Teams, Microsoft is reportedly looking at virtual spaces in Teams where colleagues can network and interact with games. These virtual spaces are part of a broader plan for Microsoft’s metaverse, and the company has previously described in detail its ambitions for 3D avatars and the expected immersive encounters to come with Microsoft Teams this year.

Microsoft has previously added features to Remote Teams. The Regime Together was one of the first additions during the pandemic nearly two years ago. Microsoft Teams has also been updated with remotely accessible views and features, as well as mobile enhancements.


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