A fund has been launched on itch.io that intends to help raise money for the National Abortion Network’s Collective Power Fund. They provide money to people in need in over 20 states in America to help them get to places where they can get the safe medical treatment they need.

It was created by developer Caro Asercion and features 600+ items from creators around the world who have uploaded their games to the indie game distribution platform. There are some great pieces of software in the bundle, including fan-favorite indie projects like Hypnospace Outlaw, Desktop Goose, Force Rena grapple, etc.

At the time of writing, the charity bundle has raised $234,529, which puts it just over half of its current total goal of $400,000.

Last month, America overturned Roe v. Wade in the United States, removing the right to abortion from about 33 million women, according to census estimates in 2019. 22 US states have already banned the procedure, while only 16 have protected it. Other countries are still deciding where to land on the issue. Several gaming industry companies, including Microsoft, Sony and Electronic Arts, have offered to support employees in the affected areas, including paying for their travel and medical expenses.

If you would like to purchase the Independent Abortion Fund Pack and help, you can do it here.

An itch.io bundle to raise money for US abortion funds is now available

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