A friend of mine recently wrote about “joys” of the slow internet in the Greater Bahamas. Of course, he was there on vacation; for me, vacation is just a word in the dictionary. I’m one of those people who sent stories using a 300-point acoustic modem to a phone. Now, that it was slow!

But for work today, we need the fastest possible internet to our home offices and workplaces. This is because now more than ever, whether we work from home, the office or a combination of both, we need high-speed internet with a capital “F”.

As the analytical company CCS Insight found in its latest version Study of technologies in the workplace of employees in 202237% of respondents say that slow networks are the biggest disappointment when connecting. This is followed by bad mobile signals, 30%; unreliable home Wi-Fi, 29%; and Wi-Fi for the corporate office, 29%.

I feel your pain.

This week I’m working from our Myrtle Beach apartment with its 5Mbps DSL internet connection. Oh, how I long for the gigabit connection of my home office!

I rubbed my nose at how bad it was when a recent Zoom meeting lost its way into oblivion. Today, according to CCS Insight, companies are relying on video conferencing programs like Microsoft Teams and Zoom like never before. In 2021, the use of online video conferencing jumped by 50%.

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