For the week of August 1, InformationWeek offered a series of cloud disruption stories featuring lessons learned written by Sal Salamone, managing editor of Network Computing. Sal recaps the major outages of recent months and examines what caused them in the first place. This includes CloudFlare in June, Microsoft Azure also in June, Google Cloud in March and many more.

The series includes stories about resiliency and the preparations CIOs can make for cloud outages, the debate among lawmakers over setting new standards for cloud resiliency, and whether or not losses can be recovered after a cloud outage.

Editor-in-Chief Sarah Peters combed through InformationWeek’s archives to compile a 15-year retrospective of our news coverage of significant cloud outages, including Amazon’s Easter 2011 outage.

In other content, the week also saw a full-length podcast, on this channel, with GoDaddy CTO Charles Bidnallwhere we discussed innovation, experimentation and implementation in a world of fast and disruptive things.

Coming up for the week of August 8, InformationWeek has a story on data collection and privacy in the wake of the Supreme Court’s debacle in Roe v Wade. Many companies are built around collecting customer data, but will their business models be sustainable in an age when personal information may come under the scrutiny of some government authorities?

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