It’s JetBlue , supplemented with a new brand. It’s now called Blueprint, and it brings a few features that should make your next flight a little less grueling. The biggest news here is the viewing party feature, which allows customers to watch the same TV show or movie with up to five other people.

This is actually pretty cool, since watching stuff with friends and family on a long flight usually requires the subtle “press play at the same time and hope no one needs to go to the bathroom” method. The party viewing feature includes functionality that pauses content for all viewers if one needs to take a break to deal with the existential panic of being six miles above the ground. It also works regardless of where the seats are.

The viewing party tool is just one aspect of the revamped in-flight entertainment experience. The system will now provide content recommendations based on previous viewing history as it will be tied to individual accounts. This means customers can save their favorite movies and shows for repeat viewings. It also means people can pick up where they left off from one flight to the next. JetBlue says this can be useful for a flight with a layover or even a trip months away.

JetBlue has a content partnership with Peacock, so customers can access the streamer’s catalog in-flight. Both and are solid in-flight solders. The company also teased more “exclusive entertainment and offers” coming to Blueprint in the future.

As for availability, the Blueprint is ready for use on JetBlue aircraft with AVANT seatback touchscreens. This includes the Airbus A321neo, Airbus A321LR (Long Range) and Airbus A220.