JFrog today announced built – in support for Terraform files, which allows users to maintain consistent workflows and processes across multiple cloud platforms. Terraform comes as Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) technology, which manages the application’s technology infrastructure as code via Terraform files.

Because of the new Artifcatory Terraform support, developers have the ability to manage IaC configurations with existing DevOps processes to manage shared binaries.

With tools like Terraform, DevOps teams are able to avoid deviations or inconsistencies between the applications and the configurations used to run them.

“JFrog’s support for Terraform ensures that developers can maintain mechanisms to centrally manage and share the cloud infrastructure of their applications, using JFrog Artifactory as a registry for vendors and modules and as a reliable state backend,” said Joav Landman, co-founder and co-founder. JFrog Technical Director. “Artifactory also acts as a local cache for other Terraform registries. This allows developers to use a single platform at no overhead to support multiple systems, while using robust and secure DevOps solutions that they already use in their development pipelines. “

According to JFrog, this added support makes the platform a one-stop shop for developers who want to ensure continuous delivery of software updates using the binaries themselves or pairing them with the appropriate infrastructure configurations needed to run them.

“We are very excited that JFrog Artifactory is adding support for Terraform modules, vendors and government files,” said Dr. Stefan Freitag, Senior Service Engineer at RWE Supply and Trading. “For us, this new feature comes at the right time and takes us one step further in our DevOps journey.”

JFrog support for Terraform files is now available. For more information visit website.

JFrog extends support for Terraform

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