The corporate network has never been as well known to Juniper Networks as it is today.

For the first time in Juniper’s history, the corporate network business was the largest of the three major divisions – cloud, service provider and enterprise – in the first quarter of 2022. Corporate network revenue grew 18% year-on-year in the first quarter to $ 433 million, while revenue from cloud and service providers for the first quarter was $ 307 million and $ 428 million, respectively.

A variety of things have come together to make this happen – from accumulated demand and slow network refresh cycles to digital enterprise transformation and an influx of costs to support hybrid workers, said Manoi Lielanivas, chief operating officer of Juniper Networks, in interview before this week’s Global Summit event.

“There is a growing need for enterprise simplicity like never before, because organizations need to manage and navigate the campuses, branches, remote workers and microsites that people create,” Lielanivas said.

In the case of Juniper, enhancing management and allowing operational simplicity means using and improving its Mist AI / ML-based management platform. Mist is at the heart of Juniper’s many services, including Wi-Fi Assurance, which measures performance and service level for wireless networks; Wired Assurance, which plugs into Juniper’s network routers and switches to collect telemetry data that measures network performance; and WAN Assurance, a cloud service that will collect telemetry data from Juniper SRX, Contrail and other WAN facilities and pass this information on to Marvis, which is a natural language-based AI / ML machine based on Mist.

Most recently, Juniper expanded its Mist portfolio of services with SD-WAN management capabilities. Add-ons include zero-touch provisioning with WAN topology configuration, security policy configuration, WAN service and policy configuration, network rental configuration, and network configuration.

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