SAN JOSE — Kaiser Permanente has proposed a brand new San Jose hospital with nearly 300 beds that could spring up atop a parking lot a short distance from the health care titan’s existing medical center.

The new medical center would be built at 284 Hospital Parkway, a site that is currently a surface parking lot, according to a proposal that is on file with San Jose city planners.

“Kaiser Permanente is constantly looking for opportunities to best meet the needs of our members in San Jose and support our community, while working to maintain affordable high-quality care and offer our employees an exceptional work environment,” Kaiser said in comments emailed to this email news organization.

The preliminary proposal itself was submitted to municipal planners to get feedback on the concept of the new hospital and how it could be developed.

The medical center is described as a “replacement hospital,” according to a summary of the proposal that was submitted to city officials.

The hospital will accommodate 297 beds in a building with a total area of ​​250,000 square meters, the preliminary proposal states.

Kaiser Permanente eyes big new Bay Area hospital with hundreds of beds

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