Cocoa mobilitySouth Korean-based Mobility Platform as a Service (MaaS) is expanding its transport offerings to other Southeast Asian countries through a partnership with Split.

The deal allows Kakao T users to access local taxis, cars and motorcycles in seven additional countries, including Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Splyt provided technical integration for development, while Grab provided the transport element.

The integration automatically translates the departure and destination details into the local language for users who call a vehicle from abroad.

The development also provides users with various payment options, including micropayments with a mobile phone.

“This partnership is a cornerstone of Kakao Mobility’s goal of developing a global mobility platform. The ability to provide a global roaming service allows Korean domestic passengers to expand seamless mobility in the overseas market, ”said Dong-Hong Shin, Head of Kakao Mobility MaaS.

“In addition, our advanced technologies for delivering mobility services, such as our own map and route machine, allow us to bring a variety of mobility services to a global market beyond ordinary means of transport.”

Kakao Mobility received $ 200 million in funding just over a year ago from the Carlyle Group.

The company then said the investment would accelerate the growth of its intelligent mobility platform.

Philip Minchin, CEO of Splyt, said: “We are proud to expand our partnership with Kakao Mobility in more and more countries, enabling true roaming of mobility through the Kakao T super application.”

Splyt received $ 19.5 million in funding in 2020 in a round led by SoftBank Corp.

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