Kaseya’s chief executive assured his partners that the Datto brand was “going nowhere” after the company’s $ 6.2 billion acquisition.

“Change the fears of all of us,” Fred Vocola said in an interview with CRN. “But we want to give more choice, more opportunities, more integration, more resources: that’s what we do every time we buy someone.”

Miami-based software giant MSP acquired Datto in April, and the deal is expected to close in the second half of 2022.

Vokola said he could not go into the details of the acquisition and acknowledged that the lack of information could cause fear, doubt and uncertainty to creep in.

“This is normal,” said Vokola, who added that the plan was to “embrace Datto’s culture” instead of changing the brand.

“The Datto brand is not going anywhere,” he said.

“We’ve made 12 acquisitions in the last seven years, and each time we’ve followed a book that allows us to preserve the culture and bring the good things of this company into us.”

More investment for partners

He added that Kaseya plans to make the Datto brand “better” and tried to reassure his partners of the move.

“Every single technology you work with will have increased investment. We do not stop products, we do not impose migrations, we do not change, we will not impose changes in business models.

“We will not force a change in trading conditions, we will not force a change in the products you use.

“We do not change the name, the culture, we will not take away all the support. We will keep what makes Datto great. Everything you like about Datto, we will do our best to keep it. “

He also explained that the deal will give partners more opportunities and that leadership should not change.

Voccola added: “We want to make it better. We want to give more choice, more options, more integration, more resources, this is what we do every time we buy someone, and this book should not change.

“The most important thing in this business is our SME customers. We are trying to make the experience better.”

Growing together

He also said the deal would lead to a “huge influx” of new people who would bring in new ideas.

“I think our growth rate will increase because Datto has great products and every Datto customer will now be part of IT Complete.

“They will see the benefits of deep integration and the huge financial benefits of buying technology from Kaseya. SMEs will be able to buy more technology because they spend less on technology they receive from Kaseya.

“Technicians will be much more efficient, SMEs will have less supplier fatigue. That means they will want to work with Kaseya more.”


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