Hailing from a passionate team of ten engineers, Koh Young Technology has become a leader in the industry of inspection solutions based on True 3D measurements. In May 2022 we will celebrate 20 years of innovation! “It took us only three years from a newcomer to the inspection industry to a global leader in the SPI market. This achievement is – without a doubt – thanks to our team, our customers and our partners. “ reflects Dr. Kwangill Koh, founder and CEO of Koh Young Technology.

As early as the early 2000s, machines were not reliable enough to check printed solder paste or installed components, so one had to sit on the line, stare at each solder and board component, and then identify eye defects. you are under a magnifying glass. The industry had to replace this manual process with a verification machine designed with enough software intelligence to replace the human mind with more precision than the human eye. Now our 3D inspection systems are the de facto standard for inspection and have revolutionized the electronics industry.

During our ascent to the zenith of the inspection market, we have made some remarkable achievements along the way. Some of Dr. Koch’s most memorable events include:

  • Paradigm shift in the inspection market in 2003 with our 3D solder paste inspection system (SPI)
  • Overcoming Impossible Obstacles to the Invention of 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) in 2010
  • Creation of the industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which helped build the ultimate smart factory of the future, all the while developing our foray into semiconductor and advanced packaging inspection solutions with the 2017 Meister Series packaging.
  • Development of the industry’s first dosing process verification system in 2021 (Neptune) to verify the thickness of the conformal coating as well as all transparent materials in 2021.

“Inventing innovative technology and changing the paradigm of the industry is not a common path, but Koh Young will be happy to jump on the road.” commented Dr. Koch. “The unwavering dedication and fighting spirit needed to take such paths is in our DNA.

About Koh Young Technology, Inc.
Founded in 2002, Koh Young is a pioneer in the market, launching the first 3D solder paste testing system (SPI) using patented Moiré dual projection technology. Since then, it has become a world leader in 3D-based SPI measurement and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment for the electronics industry. Based on its True3D провер measurement verification technology, Koh Young has developed innovative solutions to challenges with optical machining inspection (MOI), dosing process inspection (DPI) and semiconductor inspection. Through its innovations, Koh Young has secured thousands of global customers and maintains the largest global market share in the SPI and AOI markets. In addition, by adopting its R&D activities aimed at consumers, it continues to use its core competencies and develop solutions for new and existing markets. Its activities range from the company’s headquarters in Korea to sales and support offices in Europe, Asia and America. These local facilities ensure that it remains connected to the market and, more importantly, to the growing customer base, in order to provide access to an award-winning network of inspection and measurement experts.

Learn why so many electronics manufacturers trust Koh Young for reliable verification at www.kohyoung.com.

Koh Young Technology Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

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