Customers in Hong Kong can automate attack simulation and security validation.

For more than 20 years Lapcom Limited has worked closely together to provide security consultancy. Specializing in information security, this company has joined forces with Cymulate to provide analytics. These analytics provide real-world security state insights for attack surface management, continuous automated red clustering, breach and attack simulation (BAS) and advanced purple clustering for customers in the Hong Kong region.

Cymulate provides security professionals with the MITER ATT&CK framework, which provides automated and threat intelligence-driven risk assessments that are easy to implement and easy to use.

As Hong Kong is a popular target of cyber attacks; businesses are looking for ways to validate their security. However, this validation is still dominated by traditional processes.

With Cymulate as part of its portfolio, Lapcom now enables customers operating in the Hong Kong region to flexibly automate attack simulation and security validation, saving organizations time and resources.

Eric Kwok, general manager of Lapcom, says: “As a value-added distributor, our core mission is to provide advanced solutions and provide security consulting services to help businesses strengthen their security posture against today’s sophisticated cyber threats. With the availability of Cymulate’s solution, our customers will have a smart and simple option for continuous validation.”

Sam Murdoch, Vice President of Sales EMEA & APAC at Cymulate, added, “With over 120,000 test scenarios and 10,000 pre-configured attack campaigns, organizations of all sizes benefit from our continuous security control validation and exposure assessment solution Cymulate. We are particularly eager to partner with Lapcom and expand our solution in Hong Kong to help organizations proactively reduce their cybersecurity risk.”

Lapcom Limited Partners With Cymulate To Secure Validation in Hong Kong