The NFT market really craters or were the reports of his death greatly exaggerated? No matter how vigorous the demand for digital collectibles is, the market may get a chance from Meta Platforms: today Mark Zuckerberg announced that Instagram will launch support for NFT testing this week, allowing select users to display blockchain-verified items on the app’s feed along with their videos and photos. Augmented Reality Tests with NFT will begin this summer.

IN new podcast interview, Zuckerberg discussed NFT’s plans for Instagram and his views on how blockchain-based technology relates to his vision of the metaverse as a whole. Meta’s commitment to NFTs stems from his belief that there are a bunch of “open formats” for trading that need to be tested and developed now as part of a “longer journey” to the metaverse. These are perhaps the most in-depth public comments he has made on the subject so far. But there is still something missing in Zuckerberg’s talk about how digital collectibles can or should work in the metaverse: namely, a sense of where and how Meta will benefit financially from protecting NFT.

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