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Lucky Block market price action has shown an impressive performance. LBLOCK has been pretty impressive lately and is still showing promising signs at this point.

LBLOCK: 31 October 2022
Lucky Block Cost: $0.0002106
Lucky Block Market Cap: $0.76M
LBLOCK Leakage supply: —–
Total supply of LBLOCK: 3.65 billion
Lucky Block Coinmarketcap Rank: #3874

Decisive price tags:
Ceilings: $0.0002120, $0.0002142, $0.0002190
Floor levels: $0.0002106, $0.0002100, $0.0001990

Lucky Block Price Prediction: Keep a good position for an upward rally

LBLOCK/USDT Price action recently remains above the SMA curve. On the four-hour chart, the market signs still hold signs of an uptrend. It can be seen that the moving average line is below the price action recently, even the last red candle here is still above the MA curve. Also the RSI curves are now above the 70% level. Therefore, this depicts that the buying activities have been significant and may continue to build from now on. After all, the Lucky Block price may soon break through the $0.0002220 resistance.

Happy Block Price Forecast: LBLOCK price action remains encouraging

Happy block price prediction: LBLOCK gains more power

On the Lucky Block hourly chart, the tailwind has pushed the price action, yet it looks so strong. Even now, the price has only reached the same level as that of the SMA. And on the RSI it can be seen that the curves have quickly reached the oversold zone. Therefore, Stochastic RSI activity describes this LBLOCK/USDT the market is only creating room to give upward force to its price action. Therefore, the bullish crossover is near and once this happens, the price of this cryptocurrency will rise significantly.

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The IMPT token presale program was a huge success as it raised $10 million in 30 days. Currently, this scale of success has set a roadmap for the IMPT token to further accumulate $10 million. The most interesting thing is that this program is still in its first phase.

The newest crypto signal platform – Dash 2 Trade, which provides crypto trading signals to retail traders, is currently conducting its pre-sale program. In addition, this program has raised 3 million dollars, which is directed towards the realization of its goal.


Dash 2 Trade – High Potential Presale

Dash 2 Trade
  • Active Presale Live Now –
  • A native token of the crypto signal ecosystem
  • KYC Verified and Audited

Dash 2 Trade

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Lucky Block Price Prediction: LBLOCK Price Action Remains Encouraging

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