A pair of leaked images from a reliable leaking Evan Blass (via 91 Mobile devices) gives us a first look at what appears to be a test model of the third generation Motorola Razr. The device, codenamed Maven, in particular has two improved cameras on its back: 50MP f / 1.8 main sensor and 13MP sensor for macro and ultra-wide photos.

In the image of the device, completely closed, you will notice that it seems to have lost its “chin” or lip, which extends outward in previous iterations of the device. It seems to fold over itself to form a square shape when closed, deviating from both the modern redesign of the device and its original design.

Image: Evan Blas through 91 Mobile devices

Blas also notes that the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the power button, which is probably on the side of the device. Motorola previously placed the fingerprint sensor on the chin of the 2019 Razr, and then moved it to the back of the device for the 5G-upgraded Razr, which launched in 2020. Both places were not exactly perfect – On the edgeFormer Dieter Bohn editor-in-chief described placing it on the back of the device as an “awkward place to reach” and said placing it on his chin forced him to open the phone with both hands.

Blas says the Razr 3 comes with an FHD + internal foldable display and a perforated 32MP selfie camera. (You can see the image on the internal screen of the machine at 91 Mobile devices.) It is rumored that Motorola will release a standard version of the device with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (SoC) chip system, along with a “Plus” version, probably with an upgraded but still unknown chip. As for storage, it should come with up to 12 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of internal memory.

With its compact design and dual-camera sensors, Motorola seems to be gearing up to compete with Samsung’s flagship folding model: the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The first two Razr reboots weren’t exactly the most impressive – the 2019 device came with price tag of $ 1,499 and several flaws, such as lumps on the screen, a squeaky hinge and a substandard camera. Motorola’s second iteration wasn’t much better, and the addition of 5G still didn’t justify the $ 1,399 price tag.

According to a statement from the CEO of Lenovo in December (Lenovo bought the mobile brand in 2014), It is rumored that the third generation Razr will launch in China in July or August. However, there is no information on the date of departure from China. On the edge asked Motorola for comment, but did not receive a response immediately.


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