Are you looking for a way to fill the information gap and improve your understanding of a topic you’ve always wanted to learn more about? Maybe learn something new and put it into practice? If so, this one-day deal from Skillshare gives all new members 50% off their first year membership in honor of World Teacher’s Day using the code Teacher’s Day50 checkout.

Instead of paying the annual price of $156, the new price is an affordable $78 for access to thousands of classes from verified content creators and exclusive Skillshare “staff picks” with experts who are known in their industry and sometimes even around the world.

What makes Skillshare worthwhile is that it is a learning tool that is a good alternative to traditional classes. You’ll save thousands and you can study at your own pace or depending on the topic, in any order you need. Creatives, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between will be able to find what they need to understand a new concept or put theory into practice.

Once your annual membership discount ends, the price will go back to $156, but that discount is more than worth it, especially if you’re learning on your own. This offer doesn’t have an end date, but Skillshare doesn’t give them out regularly, so take advantage of it deal while you still can.

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