• The new Managing Director of LEM Europe GmbH and Sales Manager for Germany has decades of experience in power electronics
  • Michael Slaven has previously worked for Hitachi Europe and Infineon AG
  • It will strengthen LEM’s focus on promoting renewable energy and controlling energy consumption
  • The appointment follows the recent launch of two market-changing conversion products
  • LEM is also recruiting more than 10 positions on the ICs team

LEM, a leader in electrical metering solutions, has announced a major step towards strengthening its position as a market leader in innovative, high-quality electrical metering solutions with the appointment of renowned electronic engineer Michael Sleven as Managing Director of LEM Europe GmbH and Sales Manager. Germany.

Expecting significant growth in the European market, LEM has chosen to strengthen its management team by hiring a specialist in the power electronics community with over 20 years of experience in the sector in various management positions.

Michael joined the company four years later in the semiconductor division of Hitachi Europe, where he was responsible for business development and sales of power semiconductors (based on silicon IGBT and SiC MOSFETs). The main market sector here was automotive and industrial applications in Europe. Prior to joining Hitachi Europe, Michael spent more than a decade at Infineon AG in a number of key positions, including head of high-power semiconductor module development.

The new appointment comes at a time when LEM is recruiting staff for its ICs team with more than 10 positions available. The company is looking for high-quality design managers, product engineers, layout engineers, application engineers and project managers to help develop integrated sensor interface circuits for industrial and automotive applications. The new employees will also support the development of innovative current sensors that meet the growing electrification needs of the automotive industry, as well as the conversion of power into green energy applications.

“We have an excellent product portfolio at LEM that focuses on today’s most demanding markets and applications. As a leader in innovation for electrical transducers and sensors, we will have a huge impact on everyone’s overall goal of reducing global warming.

In the future, life on the planet will be supported and improved by the modern way of moving, so it is vital to promote renewable energy and control energy consumption, “said Michael Sleven, Managing Director of LEM Europe GmbH. “I am glad to be joining an advanced company that has the vision, the technology and the people to make such an important strategy a reality. I look forward to playing an active role in LEM’s drive for exponential growth and market leadership in this important sector. ”

In recent months, LEM has announced two major market-changing products, the IN 200 current converter and the HOB-P / SP1 series of high-bandwidth (1MHz) open-circuit converters capable of measuring current in some of the harshest environments.

The IN 200 is the latest addition to the LEM family of IN high-precision sensors, covering a current range of 100A to 2000A. Recognized as the most accurate sensor on the market of its kind, the IN 200 is particularly suitable for a number of extremely demanding applications. These include high-precision testing and measurement (T&M) equipment, which is used to analyze the efficiency of inverters mounted on hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs). Using an innovative type of digital technology, the IN 200 significantly increases productivity in terms of linearity, offset and noise resistance compared to traditional fluxgate converters.

Offering low power consumption, HOB-P / SP1 current converters are designed to meet the requirements for high bandwidth measurement associated with the use of fast switching SiC MOSFETs in high voltage switching power supply circuits, especially when fast and flexible high voltage switching mandatory. In addition to offering an unrivaled response time of 200 ns – much faster than the market average of about three microseconds – the HOB sensor can measure DC, AC or pulse current up to 250A. The converter can also react as a current transformer due to the LEM specific integrated circuit (ASIC) capture coil.

LEM reinforces European management team as it prepares for growth

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